A new space for art: “Die Begehbare Partitur”, a project by Blackspace and the Munich Symphony Orchestra, 2019

What happens when an orchestra without a house meets a designer without sound on a construction site? Visitors find themselves in an “accessible score” in which they can walk around in search of the beat. And the big picture.

“Die Begehbare Partitur” is a joint project of the Munich Symphony Orchestra and Blackspace, which – on the occasion of the MCBW 2019 – is about leaving the fixed framework, dissolving the boundary between public and cultural space and discovering new spaces for art.

Text us your music request

Until the one-time concert installation is going to take place in the evening of March 15th, tell us which piece by which composer we should play this evening – exclusively classical, of course.

Just send a message to the number +49170 92 90 53 9, share your favorites with us and watch it appear right now – on real paper and digital space at the same time. (We can’t see your number, we can’t save it, we just get your text.)

To be part of the game on March 15th, get your ticket here.