A Visual Identity for Munich Urban Colab, 2019

The picture shows the logo of the Munich Urban Colab.

We can only change the future of our cities for the better through multidisciplinary cooperation. The Munich Urban Colab will uniquely bring together corporates, creatives and start-ups to develop solutions to the challenges of our metropolises. We give the place and its mission a voice – through a visual identity and the bookazine “Space for the Unimagined”.

The triangle as a symbol of collaboration

We need triangular relationships, like those between cities, people and technology, or between corporates, creatives and start-ups, to really change things. That’s the core idea behind the new visual identity of the Munich Urban Colab. The triangle stands as a sign for triangular relationships – the space that is created when several actors are connected. As a symbol of the power of cooperation we developed the special triangular shape for the Munich Urban Colab. And because relationships change, are alive, because different constellations can lead to multi-faceted results, the symbol of the Munich Urban Colab always appears differently.

A Bookazine as a mirror of the Munich Urban Colab

The visual identity for the Munich Urban Colab is the first visible result of the close collaboration between the Munich Urban Colab and Blackspace. The bookazine, specially designed by Blackspace and published by UnternehmerTUM under the title “Space for the unimagined”, has just been released. It features stories that provide an outlook on what will actually be lived in the lab –  the place that is currently being physically created.