”REHAU City“, Augmented Reality in the Showroom, 2019

A complex brand needs an efficient system: in order to map the dimension of REHAU, the leading premium supplier of polymer solutions with its more than 40,000 products and solutions, we are developing “REHAU City” – a model city with a fully functional infrastructure, implemented for both real and virtual space – as a three-dimensional polymer city model with a virtual twin. The Augmented Reality Experience allows industry experts and laypersons to take the tablet on a tour of discovery and encounter the brand where it is normally not accessible: behind the scenes, installed in buildings and machines that we enter and use every day.

Experience the product world in a scalable system

In order to implement such a complex concept, we first have to decode the REHAU DNA in a strategic process – and define a system that connects the brand’s solutions with the everyday world in a way that is easy to understand. The result is the development of REHAU City with the different levels Mobility, Work & Living, Water and Energy.

As the company has 170 locations worldwide, scalability is also an additional challenge. REHAU City is therefore available in three different versions, from the 3D model measuring three by seven meters with movable levels to the two-dimensional city map. The virtual layer remains unchanged: Visitors can use the app to stroll through REHAU City, enter buildings and learn more about the company and its products. We have also developed films on every aspect of life, from mobility and work & living to water and energy, which introduce visitors to the respective topics and deepen the REHAU story.