Brand sharpening for Bardehle Pagenberg, 2020

Bardehle Pagenberg is one of the leading European IP law firms. To raise its own profile internationally and present the spectrum of its patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law more clearly, Bardehle Pagenberg commissioned the strategy and design experts at Blackspace. Our task: to make the firm’s distinctive image more authentic and lively, while at the same time enabling differentiated communication. After a status-quo analysis of the brand presence, various image- and brand-strengthening media and content were created within twelve months, which are now launched bundled on a revised website.

Emotional presence through storytelling

In order to communicate Bardehle Pagenberg’s brand values and competencies in an emotional and comprehensible way, the storytelling tool will be used from now on – a valuable instrument for innovative knowledge transfer. In particular, complex issues can be presented in a simple and comprehensible way for everyone through the use of media. By appealing to different senses, the multimedia stories remain in the memory longer than pure texts. The result is ten cases with catchy core messages to convey Bardehle Pagenberg’s competencies, based on interviews with the firm’s partners. With the help of these personal stories from employees, law firm communication becomes emotional and accessible.

Modern and progressive visual language

In order to not only sharpen the attitude of Bardehle Pagenberg in terms of content, but also to make it recognizable at first glance, we developed a modern and progressive visual language for the law firm. It is based on the look of contemporary magazines: different lighting and unusual staging create tension and put the personalities of the lawyers in the foreground. In a total of five shoots with photographer Robert Fischer, eight stories were visually interpreted and approximately 70 lawyers were portrayed. The interplay of flash, black-and-white and more classic images makes the stories and portraits lively, powerful and unique. This is how the law firm should be perceived in the future – progressive and with a strong attitude.

New illustration style, new website

To emphasize the recognizability and flexibility of the corporate design, a uniform illustration style was created for the brand presence. Icons, pictograms and illustrations can be used in ever-changing combinations in print and digital media.
To match the stories, areas of the website were also designed in an editorial style and optimized so that the content and images appear prominently on the website. The stories and cases as well as the individual lawyer portraits are thus shown to their best advantage.