Four stories of people who went with BLACKMONEY – and got a new perspective

1.000 Euro for a personal journey

Blackspace is a space for people to develop their skills without borders. That’s what we say – and do. That’s why we introduced »BLACKMONEY« five years ago. With BLACKMONEY, every one of us at Blackspace, from day 1 on, is entitled to a budget of 1.000 Euro to go on a personal journey once a year. Foremost, it’s a journey of the mind: to learn something new, to expand your own view, to be able to have an experience you wouldn’t have otherwise. And usually it’s involving a real journey that goes with it, too.

A new view

Naturally, there is the odd BLACKMONEY requests for a new iPad, usually coming in shortly before christmas. But that’s a question of purpose, isn’t it? When Paul, a talented motion designer from our Blacklab, asked us that his dearest wish was a Quadrocopter, we admittedly had our doubts. What convinced us was his answer, »it’ll give me a new view«, as well as the spectacular movies he filmed with his drone high above the roof tops of our city.


Leave your comfort zone

One of our longest standing team members and the BLACKANGEL guarding the program, describes what BLACKMONEY is aiming at as something that goes far beyond techy gadgets or traveling to New York City to visit a friend. »What makes me really happy is when people leave their comfort zones and take the chance to go where they haven’t been before, in a spiritual way. Face their fears, for example.«

See all dimensions

That’s exactly what Marie did. With her BLACKMONEY she went to a retreat with author and transformational teacher David Harshada Wagner. After this deep experience she described how her view changed completely: »After a week in the forest you can see all dimensions again.«. She had spent her time wandering the woods, staring into the campfire, thinking about what her own purpose in this world was – and shedding a tear or two.

A deer stands in the forest. The sun shines through the trees.


Open up your head

Or Moritz, whose journey was also about breaking his own personal boundaries. To do so, he crossed an ocean and the desert: He went to see the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, wearing his bavarian leather trousers all the way. »It was the most inspiring week of my whole life and opened up my head completely. I found out how square I actually am. How much we think within restricted rules and borders. I still consider sending my parents, as well« – he says, with a grin.

Moritz is standing in the middle of the desert in Lederhosen at the Burning Man.

Put thoughts on paper faster

Leonie has opted for a completely different way of personal development: the project manager always had the notion that her thinking was faster than her abililty to write her thoughts down. That’s why she took a 10-finger-speed typing course. Since then nobody here in the house types his emails faster than she does. After the course she wrote the following email to the BLACKANGEL (at the speed of light of course): “Dear angel, I thank you for your confidence in my learning ability and for the possibility to increase my strokes per minute! Thank you very much.”



Today, BLACKMONEY is a lively part of our culture at Blackspace. If you want to know more about working at Blackspace, drop us a line at More questions about BLACKMONEY? Send message to the BLACKANGEL at