Brand Identity

Strategy for us means designing a new vision of the future. The world is unpredictable; the stable parameters of traditional strategy do not exist anymore. Today, companies and organizations have a radical need to change – they are questioning themselves, their products, their services and the way they get in touch with consumers.

Ask the right questions

So before we rush into solutions and developing formats, for us a creative strategy process starts with listening and thinking. It’s not about the briefing anymore. Strategy is about asking the right questions. And to find one answer to the question.

Design a big picture

Traditional entrepreneurial thinking is, first develop a strategy, then translate strategy into products, communication and brand measures. We do it right the other way round. To be able to develop the right strategy for the future, we design a clear picture of the future. A visualized strategy is powerful; it’s inspiring, motivating and trust-building for everyone involved in the company, as well as the outside world.

Organize and condense the details

At the same time, as part of a tangible strategy, we organize and condense the structure of things: brand architecture, the product portfolio, naming schemes and brand messages. Again, we visualize strategy by means of design.

Corporate Design

Everyone who walks into the world needs orientation. That’s what brands provide: you are used to them and you trust in them. They are part of your culture. They are designed to do so: that’s Corporate Design.

Write the universal code

Corporate Design ist the art of finding principles and universal standards to create a stable super system, designed to allow for thousands of variants – ever changing every day, yet staying unchanged as a whole. The system is above all other elements, even the logo. Creating a Corporate Design is like writing the DNA for a brand.

Experience the brand

Yet, for us, Corporate Design is not a theoretical matter of defining the perfect system or breaking it down into bureaucratical guidelines. It’s right the opposite: Once you’ve defined the system, you can explore the freedom it provides. On the basis of a Corporate Design, you can bring a brand to life, make it tangible for people and fill it with meaning. As new experiences.