“Building bridges”, an SUV event for Volkswagen, China, 2018

In days like this partnership is everything.

On the day that America imposed new tarifs on Chinese goods, we celebrated the world premiere of the new Touareg with Volkswagen China in Beijing. For decades they presented new cars in Europe, but this time we wanted to present the new SUV at the other end of the world. Because a partnership with China is more important today than ever before. Only 12 weeks before the world premiere Volkswagen asked us to build a bridge to this country and it’s people. So we designed a brand experience – a show called “Generation SUV” – for over 1000 dealers and the whole world press.

The most exciting thing about this project was the mix of cultures: 50 percent of the clients were from the Chinese market and 50 percent from the German market. You learn a lot from both cultures – because everything has a different level of meaning. Colours, acts, music, content.

With this project we have not only broadened our horizon, but are even more convinced than before that this kind of partnership and cooperation is the future. It’s about building bridges.

Eight new Volkswagen SUVs stand on stage in front of a large LED screen. Several hundred press representatives report on the SUV event. A yellow car stands in front of an orange LED wall. During the show, six artists hang from the ceiling and perform. The eight new Volkswagen SUV models stand in front of a black stage and are illuminated.