“Close your eyes”, interview for D&AD, 2017


Designer Michael Keller stands sideways with folded arms in front of a wall on which a presentation is currently being shown.

D&AD was asking me: “As a white male, you are perceived as the source of the diversity and equality issue of our industry. How do you think you are contributing in making our industry more equal and fair?”

I answered: “Just close your eyes – and it is black – you have to trust your imagination – there is no black & white, no rich & poor, no tall & small, no ugly & no beauty. It is just a person. A human being.

I trust these moments and the longer I train the better I get. What does better mean – can I share mutual space with that soul? Can I respect and grow together with that person?

I got back to how precious listening is. I train to be a better listener.

And I still try to be as much child as possible. And I love to be surprised when I open my eyes and see the reality. And talent.”