“Complete your style”, Showroom for the Genesis G90, 2018

What we used to think of as science fiction has long since become our reality: smart technologies know how we like temperature and lightning in our home. They are aware what kind of food or music we prefer. By now we keep looking forward to intelligent inventions that suit our uniqueness. 

Celebrating individuality 

That’s what the Genesis G90 is all about: people – and the knowledge that each person is one of a kind. The Korean luxury vehicle was built with the overriding purpose to anticipate every conceivable need. So we came up with the idea to transform Genesis’ attitude into an installation that people could experience at first hand.

Focus on people 

Instead of putting the car first, we created a showroom-situation that left the stage to the people: Getting closer to the car, they were immersed in blue, red, green or yellow lightning – depending on the colour of their clothing. So everyone could indulge in the experience of being perceived in their individuality.

And people actually did enjoy it: 78.000 came to participate in the experience at the Genesis Showroom in Seouls’ talk of the town mall. Their enthusiasm also got evident in social media, with 45.000 clicks on YouTube and 1.700 Post on Instagram.