”Resonanz“, a new concert hall for Munich, 2012


The Munich Philharmonic concert hall has sound issues, but updating it would cost more than simply building a new one. Relocating was one option – and the old mail processing center on Munich’s west side would be the ideal place to build a ultra modern concert hall with extraordinary acoustics. Blackspace supports the project known as Die Resonanz – mehr als ein Konzertsaal (English: Feedback – more than just a concert hall) – and we’ll make sure that the design transports the concept of moving.

The picture shows a graphic design of the new resonance. A large hemisphere extends over several buildings. In front of it there is a pond and a small cafe. People run, jog and ride around the resonance by bicycle.  The resonance in front of a starry sky. In front of it runs a Golden Retriever. The resonance from far away in the cityscape. In the background you can see the sunset and the Alps. A white model shows the resonance and the buildings around it.