“Give us our city back!”, a new mobility cooperation with Green City, 2018

The motto "We are the energy of a green city" is placed on a satellite image of Munich.

Back in 2010 we reached a historical turning point. For the first time ever the majority of the world’s population was living in cities, introducing consequences like polluted air and congested roads. Through our cooperation with Green City we aim to drive change by rethinking mobility in urban living environments.

“We want to change urban living space for the better”

“I believe that every entrepreneur must see the big picture and seek compensation in their own overall balance sheet. We have been working for the automotive industry for years. On the other hand, there are urban living environments that we want to change for the better,” said Michael Keller. In practice, Blackspace does this by applying its experience design know-how: making change processes visible and advancing them by creating spaces and brand experiences – in this case, for mobility in a city.

Typeface is the heart of the corporate design

Convinced that type gives brands a strong voice, we developed a new Corporate Design to make Green City and its message “We are the energy of a Green City” visible throughout Germany. The transformation of urban living environments, which Green City is advancing with all its might, is anchored in the typeface’s DNA: different graphic patterns symbolize the diverse urban structures that form a harmonious connection with the letter structure. In cityscapes, the new identity is most visible on Green City’s 1,000+ bright orange emmy electric scooters, which first hit the road several months ago.

Because we take the topic seriously, our 70-member team now cruises the city’s streets in our own fleet of e-scooters – black ones, of course.