A new Corporate Design for Audi, 2016


My friend Robert had presented the new Google logo to the board. He told us he’s had exactly 20 seconds to do so. “So what did you say?”, I asked him, tensely. “I just said one thing”, he replied with a smile, “If we use this logo, it will only take up five percent of the usual loading time. And for the Google page, this makes a difference of ten to the ten.”

For the last 100 years, the automotive brand mark was the untouchable prestige icon on the bonnet. But times are changing in the automotive industry. In a collaborative process, we were working together with the Audi team to change the role the brand was playing in communication and how the brand could open up.

From a control tool to a learning tool

We re-drew the famous mark and changed it to flat black. While working on the Re-Branding for Audi we also simplified the whole design system: Now people focus on working with it, there’s no ‘brand police’ anymore, no logo protection zones, no rules and grids. We created an inviting experience for people to learn how to handle the new Corporate Design.

Open source

Besides, we supplied the Audi mark as open source, so everybody could use it and integrate it in their own personal message. Thus, the brand is immersing itself in the dialogue with its customers. 170 countries are working with it around the globe, following the look & feel. And the brand idea.


The black Audi rings against a white background.The concept car Aicon from Audi.Advertising for the new A5 from Audi. The car stands in front of a revolving wall on which the Audi logo can be seen on the left. Daneben steht: Vision fulfilled. The new Audi A5.Advertising for the Audi A1. You look from above and see the car driving on the rings. Next to it stands: A big idea. Condensed. The Audi A1.The new Audi logo, which adapts to the mountain scenery in the background.The picture shows an advertisement for the new Audi TT Coupé. A man stands next to a red model. It says: Beauty and the beast. The new Audi TT Coupé.The picture shows the different application models for the new appearance: on the Apple Watch, on the smartphone, on a poster or on a tablet.



ADC Deutschland 2017: 2x bronze, 2x silver, ADC Europe 2017: gold, Annual Multimedia 2017: 2x Gold, CommAwards 2017: 2x bronze, Corporate Design Preis 2017: Award, Deutscher Digital Award 2017: bronze, German Design Award 2017: gold, red dot 2017: 2x Best of Best, DDC Award 2018: 2x silver