Corporate Design by Blackspace


Everyone who walks into the world needs orientation. That’s what brands provide: you are used to them and you trust in them. They are part of your culture. They are designed to do so: that’s Corporate Design.

Write the universal code

Corporate Design ist the art of finding principles and universal standards to create a stable super system, designed to allow for thousands of variants – ever changing every day, yet staying unchanged as a whole. The system is above all other elements, even the logo. Creating a Corporate Design is like writing the DNA for a brand.

Experience the brand

Yet, for us, Corporate Design is not a theoretical matter of defining the perfect system or breaking it down into bureaucratical guidelines. It’s right the opposite: Once you’ve defined the system, you can explore the freedom it provides. On the basis of a Corporate Design, you can bring a brand to life, make it tangible for people and fill it with meaning. As new experiences.