A new Corporate Design for CWS, 2019

How can we create a symbol for a 100-year-old brand that is now growing and embracing the future?

By rethinking its meaning, and abandoning the classic logo.

New structures and new meanings

The times are changing for CWS. The company has completely repositioned itself, adding all-new business lines. In the future, the brand will focus less on products and more on services.

With such a fundamental strategic realignment, even established corporate structures must be questioned and redefined. That’s why we first revised the brand architecture, making it clearer and simpler by combining many different brands into six solution areas that appear under one umbrella brand.

At the same time, we reinterpreted the company name, giving it a meaning that reflects the new brand purpose. The tagline translates the letters CWS transparently into a transparent experience that the brand and its solutions stand for: “Clean. Well. Safe”.

A liquid logo for forward-thinkers

To create a Corporate Design that fits the forward-looking company mindset, we elected to completely forget a classic logo and corporate design. Instead, we created a design principle that is infinitely scalable and adaptable, and always recognizable: a liquid logo, good for our health and wellbeing.

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