Brand Interactive

Do you think you can convince people to change the world just with good arguments? That’s never enough. Our medium to grab people right at their heart, to win them over for our cause – is film.

Think in film

In the past, communication was printed, plotted or projected. Always still, static, on some carrier material. But it was never a story. It never spoke to you. It never felt immediate. With film, it’s different. Film is the carrier AND the story. Like no other media, it has a feel of immediacy to it. That’s why Motion Design at Blackspace was never a department. We just always thought in film.

Find the other side

For us, film is not about cutting or having it “on screen” anymore. We experiment with it, right in the border area where real space and virtual space dissolve: in a flagship store, on a smartphone, in social media, on the internet, through augmented glasses, as hologram or in virtual reality. We never stay in the format. We always break through to the other side.

Connect real world and virtual world

That’s what makes it to the most powerful universal medium for brands in the digital age. Because it connects people and brands, it connects the real world and virtual space. With film, we can create a truly holistic experience without borders.