A digital brand for Tai Ping Carpet, 2009


For the huge industrial hall where our office used to be we had a carpet made for us. It was a 100 square meter shape in black and white, made out of chinese silk. Tai Ping was the manufacturer, the only carpet luxury brand in China. On the carpet, all sorts of scenes of our studio life took place: gatherings and arguments, feasts and farewells. The carpet somehow grounded us.

A pitch in New York

One day we heard rumours that Tai Ping’s Marketing in New York was looking for a digital agency to build a digital brand. On the same day, during lunch break everyone gathered on the carpet in the hall and we made a film. We sent the film to New York. And we won the pitch.

Three levels

Why? The owner in Hong Kong said that our idea showed three levels that convinced him. First of all, that we had been owning a Tai Ping carpet before. Second, that we – as people – laid down on the floor, on the carpet. And third, the idea with the digital cursor.

So it was product, poeple, idea. The best ingredients you need for a wonderful partnership. So with Tai Ping carpet we opened our studio in New York. And flew to New York on a digital carpet.




DDC 2009: award