“Driven by You”, Genesis Studio Essentia, 2018


What does luxury mean today? Just extraordinary design and highest quality? Or does it mean more?

How can a new car brand engage with people?

The concept car Essentia embodies Korean luxury car manufacturer Genesis’s visionary interpretation of luxury. But how can a new car brand engage with people? Using intelligent technologies, the Essentia is able to adapt perfectly to individual needs so that the driver, vehicle and environment merge into an experience of luxurious light-heartedness. But a concept car is not intended to be test driven on the road. So how can people experience driving a prototype in New York?

Mixing reality and fiction

Our answer to the question: Create installations in showrooms where we mix reality and fiction, letting people interact with the concept car. A person can drive a visionary car by being cut into a clip in which the 3D-animated vehicle drives the streets of New York. The result is a real person in a fictitious clip. It encounters reality when the person shares their clip in social media with friends, making them part of something bigger. This mixture of real life and fiction creates a real, divisible Essentia experience that gives people an idea of what it feels like to drive a car of the future.

The concept car Essential by Genesis is on display in the showroom of the Shopping Mall in Hanam. A Genesis employee films a visitor sitting on a freestanding driver's seat with the iPad. The picture shows a Macbook on which the video with the visitor is played. On this picture the video with the visitor is played on an iPhone. Visitors photograph the Concept Car Essentia in the showroom.