Genesis Annual Employee Conference, 2022


It needs an encounter to grow. In the course of the pandemic, encounters have experienced a new dynamic and also intensity: “hybrid” means the simultaneous encounter in different worlds, an interplay of near and far, of the present and the past.

With this idea in mind, new, hybrid encounters, we approached the implementation of the annual employee conference of Genesis Motors Europe. We wanted to show that this form of encounter is much more than analogue and digital. It has an interpersonal quality, and an energy that a company can use. This encounter resonates and creates impulses for mutual growth.

Strengthen trust in the company’s community

In 2022, we brought together more than 200 employees at four European locations – Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and London – for the first time via a digital platform, giving them a space to listen and understand. And with the four keynote speakers, we gave them the experience that everyone has their own appearance and their own way of telling the story. Therefore, contents can be experienced and thus memorized. At heart, they are stories about values ​​and attitudes, about tasks and goals, about strategy and growth. These stay with the employees, they connect with them and strengthen trust in the company’s community. And that’s where loyalty is generated.

“Electrifying Genesis”

Participation finds new forms of expression in the digital space: Thousands of likes, applause or clicks on program items have shown us that all employees were there. Where? At the moment, in the common attitude – more presence is not possible. We caught this mood and took it with us into the analogue space. We bundled the commitment of the employees in 16 workshops and an interactive quiz and had this accompanied by a moderator for six hours. Meeting is the future, and that is why this conference was held under the theme “Electrifying Genesis” – to activate employees on that way and invite them to realign the portfolio to electrification.

A joint dinner at each of the locations marked the finale of the employee conference – because everything in real life is an encounter. And this can continue to take place: The platform can now be found in the media library of Genesis Motors Europe and offers space for reflection and integration.