Hello Genesis, 2021

Genesis starts in Germany and extends invitations to the Blackhouse. Is there anything more special than inviting someone to your home? You offer yourself to your guests in an atmosphere characterised by appreciation and openness – the guest is king. In Korea, this is called »Son-Nim«. 

We developed a new format for this concept – in the spirit of our partnership, as well as a brand experience. Instead of building a booth at the IAA, Genesis decided to become a part of Munich, a part of Germany. This is how Genesis defines a different kind of luxury: new encounters, new relationships, new experiences. 

A crazy house party on six floors

We took the guests on a journey – through the house, through new experiences. On each floor and in each room a different theme: a Korean kiosk in the elevator with concierge service. A design studio including the G70 Shooting Brake on the terrace. Film highlights from the Busan Film Festival in our cinema. A silent floor with acupuncture, palm reading and a tea ceremony. A video installation that allowed guests to become part of the festival and the house. In summary, a crazy house party on six floors. 

It’s all about trust

Different results emerge when you change the process. This requires courage and mutual respect. Maybe that’s the origin of any new form. In any case, it’s what Genesis associates with its understanding of luxury and its clients: Trust.