”Genesis Studio Sydney“, opening of our new showroom concept for Genesis, Sydney, 2019

How can you create a worldwide spatial identity – and at the same time adapt the stories the brand has to tell within minutes for local needs?

From Seoul to Sydney

While the Genesis Studio in Seoul attracts visitors since 2016, the first showroom outside of Korea created by SUH Architects opened just now, in June 2019. Together we shaped the stage for a holistic brand experience at the heart of Sydney, which we created in terms of content, communication and signage.

Dynamic brand content through central control

The visual and narrative content we create for Genesis is not only individually adapted to local manners and needs, it is also controlled by one source. So we can write different stories for every location and, using intelligent technology, shape and customize each Genesis Studio worldwide within minutes – from Munich.

Global motion concept, local translation

To manifest the brands character and at the same time be able to interpret each location individually, we created a motion concept for Genesis in Sydney. The idea is to combine the corporate design, featuring dynamic black and white animations, with varying art pieces. In Seoul you can experience the result on a two-storey LED Sculpture, that also passers by can see trough the high studio windows.

The motion concept for Genesis, as well as additional temporary installations resembling those in Seoul, will be realized wherever Genesis opens its doors in the future.