”Goldkammer“, Corporate Design for the new Degussa museum, Frankfurt, 2019

What is true value? In times when virtual money runs the globe, visitors might be able to find an answer in Frankfurt’s new museum: The Goldkammer. In one of Europe’s most modern museums, located in a classicistic Villa in the shadows of the skyscrapers of the financial industry. In a spectacular underground chamber system, which was architecturally designed by hg merz, visitors can experience the many facets of an eternally symbolic material, within an innovative exhibition concept featuring 500 exhibits.

A space and a story for lasting value
In the museum, which is essentially shaped by the work of our partners ART & COM Studios, we designed the central space that hosts the famous “Sammlung Rothschild” – the Rothschild collection. Visitors can experience the aura of the material in a spectacular exhibit presentation, as well as through our documentary film “Der Wert des Goldes” (“The Value of Gold”), that spins a narrative thread from the beginnings of gold to this day.

A campaign and catalogs that open new perspectives
To dive into the complex matter of gold, one is always well advised to ask questions: “Is there gold in space? When did gold become money? And how much gold is there in the world, at all?” To draw attention to Goldkammer in the run-up to the opening and to arouse public curiosity for the matter of gold, we first designed a two-phase campaign, featuring elementary questions that led to the revelation of the new museum. We also designed three museum catalogs that feature photographs by Hubertus Hamm, which show the precious material in a way never seen before.

A name and a visual identity for a poly-faceted treasure
We invented the name “Goldkammer” (“gold chamber”) to emphasize the intimate and protected atmosphere that the museum creates for the presentation of gold as preciousness in its different meanings. At the same time, the visual idenity we created reflects the architectural peculiarity of the museum: the key visual features the square, which is the formal basic element of the museums underground chamber system. This way, the visual identity is both part of the Goldkammers physical and virtual identity – the latter to be seen on the website or in social media.