”Goldkammer Frankfurt“, brand development and communication for the new Gold Museum, Frankfurt, 2019

What is true value? In times when virtual money runs the globe, visitors might be able to find an answer in Frankfurt’s new museum: The Goldkammer Frankfurt, one of Europe’s most modern museums, located in a classicistic villa in the shadows of the skyscrapers of the financial industry. In a spectacular underground chamber system, which was architecturally designed by hg merz, visitors can experience the many facets of the archaic and eternally symbolic material of gold, within an innovative exhibition concept featuring 500 exhibits.  

Identity for a new museum

We started out with a simple question: What does the new museum stand for? Based on a thorough strategic analysis of its specific collection and the competing museum landscape, we developed a brand positioning model around the core promise: “Gold in vielen Facetten entdecken” (“Discover gold with its many facets”). We invented the name “Goldkammer Frankfurt” to emphasize the intimate and fascinating atmosphere of the museum and created a subtle visual identity. The whole corporate design evolves around the basic element of a stylized square chamber that reflects into infinity and opens new perspectives, interpreting the specific aura of the museum’s chamber system. 

A space and a story for lasting value

Translating the museum’s visual identity into space, we created an immersive exhibition space that spins a narrative thread from the beginnings of gold to this day. More than 300 gold bars of the “Sammlung Rothschild” are staged within a 360° media installation, showing our specially produced film about the value of gold (“Wert des Goldes”).

A communication strategy that opens new perspectives

To ensure a consistent brand image, draw public attention to the new museum and arouse the interest of visitors, we developed a comprehensive communication strategy including all relevant channels. This translated into a web presence including the website and social media accounts as well as merchandising articles and print media, ranging from image brochures and info material to three museum catalogues, featuring photographs by Hubertus Hamm that show gold in a way never seen before. 

A two-phase campaign featured elementary questions that led to the revelation of the new museum: “Is there gold in space? When did gold become money? And how much hold is there in the world, at all?” 

The museum is open every day (except on Mondays), get your tickets ​here​.