“Home of moments”, trade fair stand for Siemens Home Appliances, AWE, Shanghai, 2019

Our life consists of many small moments that merge imperceptibly: from the first coffee in the morning to the view into the wardrobe to cooking with friends and the view into the digital shopping list by app in advance. Siemens Home Appliances offers the smart products and technologies that are present in many of these moments and make everyday life easier.

For the Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE), the largest technology trade fair in Asia, we translate these two thoughts into a holistic brand experience on 1,100 square meters. Under the motto “Home of Moments. The Essence of a Seamless Life”,we stage Siemens Home Appliances as a brand that makes a modern, urban lifestyle possible.

From architecture to the moment

The idea that in our everyday lives today everything is interconnected and seamlessly merges into one another is reflected not only in the brand’s solutions but also directly in the architecture of the trade fair stand. Generous white frames form open, inviting areas in which visitors can experience up close how Siemens Home Appliances support them in the important moments of life and how design and smart technologies become reality.

From exhibition to live experience

Visitors can expect not only information about the products, but also exciting shows and presentations on various topics: In the cooking arena, they can watch local star chefs cooking live, while in the Design Area, for the first time, products from the brand’s exclusive design lines are presented and the materials are spatially staged.