TT 360°, launch event for Audi, 2014


When you build a car so powerful that it’s out of this world, you need an equally galactic idea to present it to the people on earth. The market launch of the new Audi TT swept away guests to the birth of another galaxy, complete with darkness, planets and light. Without warning, Audi’s design icon landed on Germany’s steepest, most extreme curve with a 58° banked turn. Four actual vehicles tore through the curve at top speeds, seemingly weightless, accompanied by explosive visuals and sounds. After the show, guests were invited to experience the gravitational force first-hand by test driving the sports cars. In reality, the new Audi TT is science, not fiction.

An Audi TT races through the extreme curve. The audience marvels at the galaxy projected onto the curve. The picture shows an Audi TT racing through the curve from above. Five hostesses welcome the visitor in a sterile, white reception hall. The black building from the outside. On the top left is the Audi logo, on the right two large Ts. A fiery red Audi TT stands in front of a screen.


ADC Deutschland 2015: 2x bronze, Automotive Brand Contest 2015: winner, CommAwards 2015: gold, FAMAB 2015: white apple, Galaxy Award 2015: 2x gold, 1x silver, Golden Award of Montreux 2015: Gold Medal, DDC 2016: 2x bronze, German Design Award 2016: winner