“Light Strings”, media installation for the Audi awards, 2016


When we were young as an agency, our work was very much about creating superlatives. Today, we rather interpret things anew. And still show something completely new to people who have seen it all.

For its award ceremony Audi invites their dealers to Ibiza’s Lio Club enjoying a stunning view of the “Dalt Vila”, the city’s historic old town. At first invisible for their eyes was our media installation “Light Strings”, made out of fishing line. The trandparent net, made of 18 km of nylon cord, 740 strings and 10 layers, added up to a 20 x 3 meter super screen floating in the air and only becoming visible once light beams fell onto it. It showcased teaser films, award categories and animated type sequences during the event.

With fishing line, we have created the cheapest high tech solution ever spent on the budget. This is how we make high tech out of low tech.


The guests of the award look through the transparent Audi logo made of nylon threads onto the illuminated old town of Ibiza. Two dancers in white swimsuits show a spectacular show in the stage pool. On the nylon surface "Sales Award" is written in large letters. Two empty chairs, a microphone and a guitar are on stage.


ADC Deutschland 2017: gold, CommAwards 2017: bronze, FAMAB Awards 2017: white apple, DDC Award 2018: silver, iF 2018: award