Michael Keller on ”The Blackhouse“, 2019

The Blackhouse is a place to create together. Only when you share your thoughts with others, something truly great can come from it. 

The Blackhouse is not a work space. It’s a living space. A home office likewise. And, even more important: it is a real space. 

People call us crazy to build a six-storey house in our digital times. 

But ”house“ means: home, relationships, rituals, friends, family. Encounters, hospitality, wellbeing. A space for life.

We still are humans of flesh and blood. Personal, real encounters are important for us. They let us grow, they nourish us.

A genuine relationship with a person is the most precious thing in the world. Only a real encounter with a real person can give you goose bumps. 

The Blackhouse is a place for relationships. It is the intellectual and creative home four our team – with an open door for like-minded people.