“Moving brand”, Re-Branding of Audi Sport, 2019

For drivers of cars with an engine as powerful as Audi Sport, the world starts closing in on you, in a rolling shutter effect, when you reach a certain speed. You lose the feeling of time and space as they melt together, becoming one. This experience was what we had in mind when designing the “moving brand” for Audi Sport. The feeling of jumping into a time tunnel, uniting speed and space in an animated brand mark that captures a real life experience.

Film as medium for a constantly-moving brand

This was our response to the growing volume of video content created for brands. No longer static, they must move to where their target audiences mingle: blogs, YouTube and social media. Yet brands are challenged to ensure they stake their claim in the digital context. For Audis open source CI portal, we designed a kind of “moving brand”: a logo opener and ending as well as an animated logo engine. Now Audi Sport and all its creative agencies can clearly nod to the brand in their digital storytelling.