”Mykie“, interface design, Siemens IFA, 2016


The innovative kitchen assistant by Siemens receives human features. At IFA 2016 he stands at the heart of the connected kitchen from where he engages with curious guests through his approachable interface design – with gestures, movements and language.

Mykie’s interface can chat and suggest recipe ideas from the Internet before projecting them onto a wall. In case of a missing ingredient he orders it online autonomously. A kitchen device with personality brought to life.


The little black kitchen assistant with the blue glowing face stands next to a green herb pot in the show kitchen. The two presenters talk to Mykie in the show kitchen. The picture shows the different facial expressions of Mykie. During the presentation, the audience looks at the screen on which Mykie can be seen.


FAMAB 2017: bronze, DDC Award 2018: finalist, iF 2016: award