New Corporate Design for Labor Becker, 2021

A new era has dawned on us during the pandemic. Simultaneously we have globally experienced that nothing is more important than health – when it is threatened, we are directly affected, personally, economically and especially in terms of our individual liberties. It is a fundamental human right as well as a communal attitude, which we become aware of once our lives are in danger. We ask ourselves now: Who protects our health? Who gives us security? Who can we trust? And why?

An exceptional company has moved into our field of view: Labor Becker was founded in 1979 and today, with more than 650 employees from 39 nations at 12 locations in Bavaria, is a pioneering laboratory medicine company under medical management, covering the entire spectrum of laboratory diagnostic tests. Dr. Marc Becker has led the company since 2017 and, as sole proprietor, has already left his mark on it: contemporary management structures, automation and digitalisation were introduced in a short time. 

Listening, asking questions, talking to each other

A call came in almost two years ago, when we didn’t know how close the pandemic was, “We need to talk. Can you do social media?” That was the start of a partnership during which we’ve had the privilege of accompanying a transformation. We approached it as structured and attentive as a lab doctor: Because it was all there. Through precise incisions, we helped put everything in order and make it visible. We gave everything an affect: the forms, the colors, the typography, the language, the values. We listened, asked questions and talked a lot, because the change was not easy. The previous logo was designed 30 years ago by an artist in Florence. Since then there have been limited touch ups with corporate design or branding.

Time is not money, but time is life

Health is communal and is based on a particular relationship: that’s why we told the brand appearance story from the perspective of a patient, rather than the perspective of a laboratory physician. Healing succeeds when this relationship has substance and quality: It needs knowledge, trust, security and letting oneself be led. This is no different when developing a corporate design. Although we aren’t laboratory physicians, we should know their processes and service areas. Everything needs clear structures that are intuitive and quick to implement. The motto here is not: time is money, but time is life. Lab physicians are not designers: They had to understand how much content goes into a design, what effect an image style can have, or why empty space on paper makes a statement. Getting involved with such high levels of visibility was difficult for the lab medics – they work in the background, always serving health. 

Being there when you’re needed

It was a give and take process, and the task was so exciting because we kept coming back to the core questions of a healthy society: What contributions can I make? Where can I be effective? And why does it need attention, timed to the right moment. Labor Becker gave us the answer. Being there when you are needed – Dr. Marc Becker’s team is there 24/7, paving the way for health through laboratory diagnostics to achieve the most important goal during these times: Saving lives through early detection.