”Konzert 2.0“ – New identity for The Munich Symphony Orchestra, 2018


Unlike other orchestras, the Munich Symphony Orchestra does not have a house on their own. They regularly play in certain venues, but they are also on tour a lot, referring to themselves as the “Kisten-Orchester”, the out-of-the-box orchestra. Yet apparently what comes with this ‘homeless’ lifestyle is an attitude of light-footedness, as well as the openness to constantly reinvent themselves.

This attitude was really helpful in our collaboration for a new Corporate Design for the Munich Symphony Orchestra. The target group enjoying classical music is getting older. In order to get in touch with new and younger target groups we had to open up the way people encounter the Munich Symphony Orchestra alltogether. In the past the orchestra printed posters and programs. Today, it would also have to be digital and social media to reach through to new audiences.

Our idea for the new identity was to make it a virtual space for the orchestra without a house. We produced film clips for the concert programs to expand the visual experience on digital media and start to build up a virtual fan group. Because the music of the Munich Symphony Orchestra was no longer to be only happening on stage.

So, yes. It’s even easier for a Corporate Design to become a virtual space, for an orchestra without a house.


  The new business equipment of the Munich Symphony Orchestra is located on a yellow background. The posters of the Munich Symphony Orchestra hang next to an escalator in Munich Central Station. The newly developed “Münchner Symphoniker” wordmark is onomatopoeia in the truest sense of the word. It emphasizes the umlaut above the “u”, the diaeresis, to visualize the intonation of the word. The logo is reminiscent of a double beat of the drum. The type is based on “Bressay”, a classic Antiqua typeface updated for digital use. It features charming drop-shaped accents, creating a playful, yet elegant look. The new poster of the Munich Symphony Orchestra on an advertising pillar at Rosenheimer Straße in Munich.