New Logo for Genesis, 2020

With Genesis – which translated from ancient Greek means “creation” – a new player in the luxury class and also the first premium brand in Korea has been on the market in Asia for five years.

In continuing the comprehensive cooperation since 2016, we, together with Genesis, took one of the most challenging steps for an automotive brand in terms of brand identity: we created a new logo and design DNA.

From follower to industry leader

In an intensive process and in close cooperation with the Genesis design team under the direction of Luc Donckerwolke and SangYup Lee, we created a modern, clearly reduced, two-dimensional form of the winged emblem. From now on the new logo can be seen in the communication of the new GV80, that just had its world premiere in Seoul. For the brand, which cannot boast a heritage like other established players in the market, this is a confident step: away from the follower and towards becoming an industry leader with a distinctive design language and perception of luxury in the digital age.

It’s not only a logo – it’s the design DNA

From a functional point of view, the aim of the revision was to simplify the complex 3D shape and to create a higher recognition value, especially for digital applications. By simplifying the shape, the focus is now on the essentials, highlighting the brand name at the heart of the logo. This is important given the strong competition, which also uses a wing emblem.

But it’s not only about the logo, actually. It’s about the entire design DNA and corporate design language derived from the logo. It’s about the horizontal lines, which from now on will run through everything at Genesis: Product, architecture, communication.

The first proof is the GV80: “The parabolic line runs smoothly and precisely along the side of the vehicle, accentuated by powerful lines above each wheel, which emphasize posture and presence,” says chief brand officer Luc Donckerwolke. He also sees parallels here with regard to the future of the collaboration: “The boundaries between corporate design, vehicle design, brand and architecture are disappearing; from now on, everything comes from a single line. This is the new Genesis design DNA.”