“Your type is your voice”, Corporate Design for Green City, 2018



We live in times in which people believe less and less what brands tell them. Especially in a company with political concerns, a tailor-made character type can be the right way to carry the message consistently and credibly into the world. Blackspace and Green City have been working together for years now with this conviction and the declared goal of rethinking the city as a living space.

“We are the energy of a green city”

Under the motto “We are the energy of a green city”, Green City is committed to issues such as electricity from renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility concepts at a political and economic level. “We all want clean air and less traffic – and Green City offers many smart solutions here. Blackspace has been working for the automotive sector for years, but we also want to contribute to changing the city’s living space for the better,” explains Alexander Gialouris, Design Director at Brand Experience Studio Blackspace.

A monolithic umbrella brand

Before the first sketches, however, Blackspace has classically started with a consulting process – because the diverse commitment of Green City also brings with it a complex corporate structure. The first step was therefore to create a meaningful brand architecture. In the future, Green City Energy AG, Green City Projekt GmbH, the Green City association with over 1000 members and events such as the Streetlife Festival in Munich will appear under a monolithic umbrella brand “Green City”.

Typeface is the heart of Corporate Design

The transformation of the urban living space, which Green City is driving forward with all its might, is already visible in the typeface: The unique look of the ‘Green City Replica’ is created by using only capitals and being extremely compact.The ‚City’ is not only in the name of Green City, but is part of the DNA of the company. This gave us the idea of capturing dynamic, urban structures by means of two-dimensional patterns, of which there are five different styles in total.“

Intelligent structures for intelligent mobility

But the special feature of the type are the dynamically integrated structures into the font. Together with our partners, the Swiss Type Foundry Lineto and the Berlin Type Engineers of Alphabet Type, we have developed our idea of a random generator that is implemented in the font.

Green City in town, type in action

Meanwhile, the new Green City Corporate Design can be seen on the web as well as in the middle of the city: on posters for various events, at the Streetlife Festival or on the more than 1000 bright orange ‘emmy’ electric scooters from Green City, which have been on the road in Munich for several months.

The picture shows the slogan "We are the energy of a green city". Two colorful posters hanging from a power box. The saying "Hello Green City! This is your new visual identity!" is written in white bay letters on a green background. The picture shows the business sections of Green City. The picture shows the principles of the new type. The picture shows the typeface style. The picture shows the typeface glyphs. The picture shows the new website of green city. Here you can see the new appearance in a brochure. A new Green City poster hangs at a bus stop. Many colourful Green City posters stick to an advertising pillar in Munich.