“New York or Berlin?”, Design Lodge, 2013


Marc Ziegler leans in a black suit against a dark grey wall.

by Design Lodge
Magazine for Creatives and Designer
17 june 2013

Steel, chrome and hot engines – this is the world of Marc Ziegler. As Managing Partner of Munich-based 3D communication agency BLACKSPACE, the creative developed stunning events and trade show concepts for Audi as well as a breathtaking corporate architecture for the museum built for Voestalpine, a steel company. Design Lodge asked Marc Ziegler to finish the following sentences.

1. In our business, you become immortal by …staying true to yourself.
2. A trend I can’t look at anymore …gives me the freedom to see new and never-before-seen things.
3. In desperate need of a face lift …anything that only follows trends.
4. The greatest challenge in a project is …to stay in budget.
5. My dream project – not for the money, but the honor – is … Paris Fashion Week.
6. A great idea that was put aside …is just waiting for the right moment to be used.
7. It drives me crazy when …I encounter ignorance.
8. What concept are you still proud of today? Voestalpine Stahlwelt
9. When I was 18, I wanted to … go to New York
10.Berlin or New York? Berlin