“One line”, an exhibition stand for Genesis, 2017


Genesis is the first luxury car brand in Korea to launch in twenty years. For the first Genesis exhibition stand at the Seoul Motor Show, we wanted to build a monolithic space by the scarcest use of material. We stapled copper sheets and cut an inner cube out of the stack. So we created space out of the emptiness in between the material. The effect was astonishing: From a distance, the space seemed to be a closed surface. From close up it became open and transparent.

Think deeply, travel lightly

In the times we live in we think an intelligent system and economical use of material and budgets should be natural parameters for a temporary architecture project. The principle of the exhibition stand was simple: Three reusable cubes, arranged differently, yet always resulting in a consistent big picture. The lightness of the copper sheets and the lost form of the space in between allowed the exhibition to travel lightly – fold together it fitted in a box as big as a cubic meter.

Read more about our work for Genesis – the “One Show One Stage” festival, when Genesis wanted to give the people in its home country something they could be proud of.

The concept car of the Korean luxury car brand Genesis stands on a pedestal in front of a large LED wall. A corridor forms between two cubes.The illuminated copper cubes. A red, a white and three black Genesis models will be on the stand. The car in the middle stands on a small platform.Hundreds of small pocket mirrors hang from the ceiling and form a heart sculpture.