New PAGE Corporate Design agency ranking, 2018

The red cover of the PAGE Ranking 2018 Corporate Design and Corporate Identity. 

The rise of the Corporate Design agency

In Germany the idea of Corporate Design spans a direct link from today’s brands back to Otl Aicher, who in the 1960s and 70s created Corporate Design systems for German companies like Lufthansa or Braun, as well as for the Munich Olympic games in 1972. In the 1990s was the dawn of the corporate design agency in Germany, when globalization really got going. We were the ones transforming German corporations into iconic brands, working e.g. for Lamborghini, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and the World Trade Center in New York.

Today, the old, systematic yet static idea of Corporate Design – and the Corporate Design agency – reaches its limits. Brands have to stop ‘guideline thinking’ and one-way communication and in order to play an active role in people’s lives. People don’t want to look at brands or merely listen to branded messages – they want to participate and to experience it.

The experience becomes the brand

That is exactly what is driving us: Creating spaces and experiences for brands in the real and the digital world, where people meet and connect. That’s how relationships evolve, and memories they never forget. Today, we create brand experiences for companies like Volkswagen, Rehau, Green City and the Munich Symphony Orchestra.

We are very pleased that we are on track with our view on experiential branding. And we are happy about Blackspace’s entry into the PAGE Ranking. From zero to number 6. #reinventtheexperience