Panasonic Brand Campus, Munich, 2021

Panasonic. The name is familiar to many people, but few are aware that the Japanese electronics company makes more than just televisions and music systems. Panasonic is involved in so much more. There are four independent divisions under the global Panasonic brand with different business units, products and solutions, and different visual language. But to create a consistent and powerful brand experience, we have now staged Panasonic’s four independent divisions with their different competencies in one place.

Central know-how hub in Europe

The Panasonic Campus in Ottobrunn near Munich serves as the company’s central know-how hub in Europe. Research laboratories, application production, conference and training centers as well as a 360-degree brand world are bundled in one building. Under the guiding principle “Discover Panasonic Perspectives”, the Panasonic brand will be brought to life for all target groups such as industrial customers, purchasing, research and education as well as employees.

All brand competencies under one roof

Based on the individual competence areas, we developed seven experience areas in which products, services and exhibits come together and can be experienced. The customer journey follows a concentric floor plan, the architectural concept with its dynamic design language enables a dynamic staging of products and technologies and with its dark color code serves as a clear contrast stage for the heterogeneous product areas. The exhibition concept is based on abstract but recognizable environments in which the technologies and exhibits are presented in an iconic way to emphasize consumer benefits. A special highlight is the view back from the open terrace: the entire product and innovation portfolio can be experienced at a glance. It is the world’s first exhibition concept to unite all Panasonic brand competencies under one roof.

Images: Andreas Keller