“Connected City”, trade fair stand for Siemens, IFA, Berlin, 2018

When Monocle started their Quality of Life Survey in 2006, one of the driving factors was, according to designer, founder and editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé, “lack of friction”. According to the survey, what makes a great city is that it is friction free: public transportation works, public spaces are available to everyone and you can have a really seamless existence in a city. Next to Tokyo and Vienna it was Berlin who took up the top spot in the Quality of Life Survey 2017.

Friction free and seamless experiences were exactly what we wanted when we were designing the “Connected City” for Siemens on their annual IFA trade fair stand in Berlin. The idea: you did not even have to visit the actual city to discover its characteristic spirit and extraordinary locations. Dawdling about the main Avenue, every new place felt like home, full of inspiration and new impulses, starting from a Joop fashion show, experiencing intelligent urban life solutions up until a networked ecosystem for a better quality of life: The Home Connect App. Eventually the Siemens Connected City was to be a carefully curated guide full of recommendations for a smooth and fulfilling life in today’s metropolis.

Concept, architecture: Schmidhuber, Munich
Concept, communication: Blackspace