”Siemens World“, Brand Experience IFA 2019

Time to open up to the world: After inviting visitors to the ”Connected City“ in Berlin in 2018 and the ”Home of moments“ at AWE in Shanghai early this year, visitors at IFA 2019 experience the final metamorphosis of Siemens Home Appliances – from provider of smart products and technologies to a lifestyle brand.

A long-standing partnership in the spirit of Space Identity

We have been working closely with Siemens Home Appliances for eight years now, supporting the communicative as well as the strategic realignment of the brand and translating its matured, forward-thinking mindset into space and experiences. As things change fast in today’s world and as people, places and products get more and more connected, we decided to put the brand into an ever larger context at every trade fair–  and now, finally, to not only stage it in an urban, but in a global environment.

From your apartment to your metropolis

To show that Siemens Home Appliances has become a life companion for the digital lifestyle of a cosmopolitan audience, we, together with our partners Schmidhuber architects, staged the brand literally in their living world: in today’s metropolises. So IFA visitors do not simply find themselves in different product areas – they embark on a journey through the world’s most exciting cities –  from Shanghai to Paris, from Cape Town to New York.

Holo staging and voice control

For every area, hence metropolis, we developed interactive exhibits to await the visitors. So they can experience how it feels to talk to their coffee machine via voice assistant – and at the same time be teleported to their last holiday location, including changing lighting and atmosphere in the room changes. Or they dive into our 2x8m holographic projection highlight, which shows the advantages of a fully connected kitchen.

In addition to the permanent exhibits, visitors can enjoy artistic as well as cooking or fashion shows – and discover the variety of interests they share with the brand.