Space Identity® by Blackspace


The world is going digital. People explore new, digital spaces and experiment with it. Today, when you meet someone you go digital, when you go to a restaurant you go digital, when you buy a product you go digital, when you learn something you go digital. It’s digital first, people say.

Return to the real space

Space was there before digital. At this point in time we are experiencing a digital period, but the pendulum swings back. All real experiences are in real space: real people, real encounters, engendering real relationships and memories you never forget. Digital companies realize that and try to push through to the real world. Analogue businesses, trying to get into digital, knew it all the time, only they’ve forgotten about it. 

Unite both worlds

We want to find new ways of bringing the two together. This means redefining the meaning of space for every organization and every business today. And to build the identity out of the touchpoints and spaces. For us, that’s our idea of Space Identity. And that’s why we made a brand out of it and created our own space.