Spatial Communication for Lufthansa Group, 2019

The Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt Airport was recently converted into the headquarter of the Lufthansa Group. From here, the course is set for the future of Europe’s largest aviation group.

From headquarters to meeting space

The transparent and permeable LAC building, which was designed by our long-standing partner Ingenhoven Architects, symbolizes the cosmopolitan nature of aviation with its architecture. The visitor should also feel this openness when entering the heart of the LAC, the foyer.

The original function of the foyer has so far been limited to the needs of Lufthansa AG alone. But now that the Lufthansa Group has moved in, comprising the Network Airlines, Eurowings and Aviation Services business segments, this function has changed. In order to do justice to all members and to appeal to all employees and visitors of the company, we have designed a media installation that blends harmoniously into the room and effortlessly adapts to the transparent architecture.

Sculpture and information provider in one

Screens made of innovative semi-transparent LEDs can be used for various purposes such as press conferences or internal communication. The projection is a combination of image films created by our motion team and daily updated Lufthansa content, e.g. weather information, share prices or corporate news. The media installation is a sculpture and information provider in one. Thanks to the almost transparent LEDs, the installation disappears into the room as soon as it is switched off. But if it is switched on, the result is a closed image for the visitor. It is not a foreign object that simply floats on the ceiling, but an integral and unobtrusive component of the architecture of the LAC, which aesthetically conveys the contents of the company.