“untaggable”, an event series for the Audi Q2 market launch, 2016

In the past, a place was a place with a dedicated function. Church. School. Library. Guest house. Post office. That’s how our cities came into being. Man has lived with this “terrestrial” order for ten thousand years. The digital age calls this order into question, everything becomes more ambiguous. Places become temporary spaces, people turn back into (digital) nomads, and our tools have to adapt to our complex lifestyle.

How can we convey a vehicle that defines itself as being undefinable?

The Audi Q2, an ambassador of the newly launched, multi-functional segment of compact SUVs is exactly one of those tools of our postmodern times – made for the young urban crowd that can’t be clearly categorized.

To meet this attitude to life, Blackspace staged a brand experience: a series of events for the market launch of the Audi Q2 that was just as multi-faceted.

New meaning of space

The idea behind the “Untaggable” event series was to give spaces a completely new meaning: thus an closed Berlin public bath house became a restaurant, an ancient brewery turned into a concert hall, an industrial power plant into a club. DJ labels like Mukke, Moonboutique and Stil vor Talent set the scene in these extraordinary places – which offered a great deal of space for special guests, test drives and dealer events.

An old, drained swimming pool is bathed in blue light. In the middle of the space the party guests dance. A yellow Audi Q2 stands in front of a yellow wall full of graffiti. In front of it stands a yellow parking meter and a yellow bicycle. On the picture you can see many yellow balloons with a hash tag on it, which are attached to a mesh box. Six party guests wear yellow construction helmets and hold signs with the word "untaggabble" in the cameras. A grey and a red Audi Q2 seem to be standing in a swimming pool. In front of it is written in yellow #dipping. You only see the legs of two men and a woman in swim trunks and flip-flops. The picture shows a crowd waiting to be let into the event location. A yellow and a grey Audi Q2 stand in a weakly lit steel cage. A light installation consisting of the words "bar" and "drinks" hangs above a bar.