Unvollendete Gespräche #1

Design is attitude – and is created through discussions, arguments, trust and courage.

What becomes visible in the end is the finished work. But what is no longer visible are the people who have struggled and fought for months and were convinced of the matter when it was not yet real. That is why we started a book series of conversations in which the invisible is given a shape. We don’t want to provide solid structures and conclusive explanations. We want to tell it the way life is like. What relationships are like. Alive. Illogical.

This little book, a conversation with Prof. Dr. Florian Hufnagl, is the beginning. He was one of the most important museum directors for design. He has brought the ‘Neue Sammlung’ from 1,000 objects to 100,000 – and has placed design in the context of our time through countless exhibitions.

We had the chance to personally hand this first issue over to him shortly before christmas. With this, we hope to have created something that will last. Florian, we will miss you.

If you want to read the whole book, please write to news@black.space