„Vibrant Space“, 3D Branding and Space Identity for Volkswagen, 2019

Joining forces for „New Volkswagen“

If you are one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers and oldest traditional German car brands – how do you face the radical changes in the automotive industry? And: how do you make the fundamental transformation in your own business culture visible to the outside world – within the shortest possible time? VW just answered the latter like this: You build a Powerhouse with all the branding experts you trust. Blackspace, who created the new 3D Branding and Space Identity®, were right in the game from the start. 

Shared past, shared process – On the way to new branding

Blackspace has been working for the automotive industry and with Volkswagen for many years. That’s why the Brand Experience Studio is very aware of the transformation processes that are taking place: The increasing importance of China as a sales market, the rise of electromobility, the change in the perception of mobility in general – and the growing need for strategies to emotionalize innovative technologies

„We are convinced that branding is still one of the most powerful ways for businesses to connect with people. Especially when it comes to the development of new formats we have a great deal of expertise. That’s why Jochen Sengpiehl brought us on board to create the new Brand Design for  temporary spaces“, says Christoph Rohrer from Blackspace. „To be part of the Powerhouse was a great experience“ Rohrer, who himself fosters new ways of co-creating with its team, enthuses. „The close coordination with all those involved, the openness and the speed of decision making – in a company the size and history of VW, I have hardly ever experienced anything like it.“

“Vibrant Spaces” – The 3D Branding and Space Identity concept 

So how does a system look like that is revolutionary yet classic, flexible yet aesthetic, intelligent yet emotional? To create VWs new 3D Logo and – first ever – Space Identity, Blackspace translated the brands new communication strategy into principles they could use to design a contemporary solution – considering that spaces are becoming increasingly temporary and experiences more and more individual these days. 

As a result, the Gestalter, with their partners Schmidhuber architects, not only developed a highly versatile, modular architecture system. Blackspace created a 360° Brand Experience under the motto “Vibrant Spaces”, that can be easily applied to every spacial context: at fairs, events, exhibitions or pop up stores.  

Bauhaus meets Licht-Gestaltung – How the new VW Brand Experience feels like 

„The formal philosophy and proportions in our concept are inspired by the international style, i.e. classic modern architecture“, says architect Daniel Knieß, architect and project lead at Volkswagen. „That is something I liked right away. Also, such a pioneering spirit fits VW – after all, the brand’s roots lie in the democratization of automobile driving.“
What’s more, A Space Identity for a brand that is ready for the future has to have the ability to transform itself and to „talk“, of course: „With the New Brand Design we want to set the focus on people again”, says Sandra Waidelich, Head of Experience Marketing at Volkswagen. „Blackspace and Schmidhuber understood what we needed in terms of spacial formats that connect via emotional content.”

The most radical thing about the VWs’ new Space Identity? That will probably be the use of light: While being quite bright and uniform in the past, Blackspace made light a tool for conscious Gestaltung – to create different atmospheres and draw visitors deeper into the experience situations with the brand.

For the first time, the new VW 3D Logo and Space Identity by Blackspace will be seen at IAA 2019.

Credit: Volkswagen