“Together“, brand experience for Volkswagen’s International Partner Meeting, 2017

A look into the future, a keynote discussion and a new format for Volkswagen. Over three days, the company’s realignment was presented to more than 4,000 dealers and importers at the Volkswagen International Partner Meeting 2017.

‘Together’. Forever.

How do you redefine mobility? What will the vehicle and drive concepts of the future look like? Where will I buy a car in the future? The interactive keynote discussion included live reveals and presentations, media display of films, an augmented reality show and audience involvement. The stage lighting with 64 spotlights underscored the event’s motto, ‘Together’. Forever.


The new concept car from Volkswagen stands alone on stage and is illuminated by many light spots. On a smartphone you can see a smiling and an unhappy smiley face. The audience can participate interactively in the show. Volkswagen Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann stands on stage. Behind him you can see a screen on which two towers of coins are depicted by Augmented Reality. Before the start of the evening event in the Berlin power plant, you can see the set tables from above. Both the new concept car and an old Golf are on display at the evening event. A visitor photographs the red-pink-orange light up room with his smartphone. The picture shows a close-up of a tomato bed from which the guests can pick their own tomatoes. Two industrial robots take over the barkeeper function and mix the cocktails.